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If you are looking to expand your business catalog with the highest quality CBD products at competitive prices, look no further. At The Tree we offer advice and white label products for companies.

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Tree CBD’s wholesale CBD catalog offers you a wide range of CBD products for your store. Being experts in the field and having been in this sector for several years, we provide B2B advice on the acquisition of the best quality CBD products.

Wholesale CBD:

At The Tree CBD, as well as being a leading CBD retailer, we also have an extensive wholesale catalogue. As innovators and pioneers of CBD in Europe, we want use our products to provide our experience and know-how, contributing to the growth of this sector. This is why we have several types of products available for CBD shops and distributors.

Wholesale CBD

First of all, we offer our products wholesale to shops and distributors. In this way, companies that want to distribute our brand, which is well known to consumers, are able to do so.

In addition, we also have private label CBD products that have the quality we’re known for. To help all types of CBD shops and distributors, we sell these products both under our clients’ brand names and unbranded.

This means that our products can be purchased wholesale without branding, or they can be bought personalised with the brand of the shop or distributor that wishes to buy them and resell them.

In any case, all our products are of excellent quality and have the necessary certifications and laboratory analyses. But we don’t just stand out for the quality of our products, which is endorsed by our customers on platforms such as Trustpilot or Google, but also for our customer service and our speed of delivery.

Bulk and Wholesale CBD

As pioneers of CBD in Spain and Europe, our brand is among the best known by users, which is something we’re proud of. This was one of the reasons why, in the midst of our expansion process, we opted to develop a new business line based on the wholesaling of CBD to other distributors and shops.

Various types of companies, such as pharmacies, tobacconists, grow shops, and other online CBD shops place their trust in us and sell our products. Emphasising quality and offering the best service has allowed us to create multiple synergies with our clients at a business level.

Our commitment to quality is clear to see from the feedback we receive from our users. We currently have an excellent rating on Trustpilot, the largest review community on the internet. What’s more, we also have a very good review score on Google.

At The Tree CBD, we strive to offer the best service, which is why our shipments arrive within 24-48 hours of purchase. In addition, we have a customer service team made up of CBD experts ready to help you with any questions you may have.

Our CBD products have all the necessary guarantees, as they are certified at European level. Our flowers and resins have their corresponding proven analyses and are numbered by batch, so that traceability from the source is guaranteed.

Private label CBD

As a wholesaler of CBD products, you can also purchase our products as private label products. In this regard, we offer several options, such as buying products in bulk without branding, or customising products with your brand.

For both options we take care of the whole process needed to bring you the best CBD. As we mentioned above, our CBD products are fully certified and tested at European level.

With our wholesale CBD products, the items are shipped in simple and discreet packaging, without any identifying logo or branding. This allows them to be re-packaged later on by the purchasing company.

Furthermore, with our wholesale customised CBD products, the products are delivered in packaging with the look & feel of the purchasing brand. In other words, we take care of customising the packaging for our corporate clients, so that they don’t have to worry about this stage of the buying and selling process.

Private label CBD products are exactly the same as those we sell with our own branding. Therefore, they have all the quality and guarantees that we’re renowned for.

Also, our customer service team, made up of CBD experts, will be at your disposal to help you with any questions you may have.

The best CBD quality and the best service

Quality is one of the cornerstones of our business activity. The CBD products we sell are well known for this.

Our full spectrum CBD flowers have all of the plant’s cannabinoids. They’re also rich in terpenes, molecules that give them peculiar aromas such as lemony, orange, or woody notes, among many others. These change depending on the variety, so that some aromas are sometimes more predominant than others.

Moreover, the flowers, oils, and other cosmetics are produced in Europe, with all the certifications and proven analyses. Depending on the climate and the season, the origin of hemp can vary, as we source a variety of products from all over the continent. In this way, we ensure that we can obtain the best quality on the market.

CBD Specialists

In addition to offering top quality CBD products to our customers, we also have a friendly and professional customer service team. Although product quality is crucial for growth in this sector, human qualities are at the heart of our business project and have made us an industry leader.

Our customer service team is made up of CBD specialists, who are responsible for providing personal customer support and advising our customers on all things CBD.

We also know that time is money, so we’re committed to speed and efficiency. Therefore, our orders arrive within 24 to 48 hours. We also offer quick solutions adapted to the needs of our customers for any incidents that may arise.

Frequently asked questions about Wholesale CBD

Yes, the wholesale CBD products are exactly the same as the ones we sell at retail. At The Tree CBD, we work hard to obtain a quality product from the best suppliers, so it would make no sense to sell different products depending on the type of customer.

Our CBD products are made from certified organic European hemp. Our emphasis on product quality and traceability has made us one of the most valued brands by our customers. We don’t know how to work any other way, so we always give our best to both individual customers and corporate clients.

At The Tree CBD, we believe that our customers are the best endorsement of our quality. Our Trustpilot ratings of Excellent and a rating of over four on Google speak for themselves. In addition, we have proven analyses that guarantee the levels of cannabinoids and terpenes in our flowers and resins.

Furthermore, our organic hemp of European origin has the corresponding EU certifications and batch number for better traceability. Since the CBD products, we wholesale are the same ones we also sell at retail, we believe that our quality is backed by our track record.

The first and most important requirement to be able to buy CBD wholesale products is to be incorporated as a company or registered as self-employed. Business-to-business transactions are covered by the corresponding invoice, which is why we must ensure that our B2B customers are eligible for access this type of service.

If you meet this requirement and would like more information on how to get access to buy CBD of the highest quality in bulk, please fill in this form. Our team of CBD experts will contact your company as soon as possible.

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