CBD Starter Pack 4

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  • 1 Gelato (2gr.)
  • 1 Amnesia (2gr.)
  • 1 Strawberry (2gr.)
  • 1 OG Kush (2gr.)
  • Hemp Buds
  • Less than 0.20% of THC
  • No psychoactive effects.
  • From biological farming.
  • GMO free
  • Pesticide free

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The CBD Starter Pack 4 is composed of our different varieties such as: Zkittlez, Pistacho, Green Cure and Orange Cookies that will allow you to try all our varieties at a very affordable price.

All our products are grown indoors in a 100% natural way, without using additives or pesticides of any kind.

  The 4 strains you can try 

On the one hand, our Zkittlez CBD, with dense, round and conical buds of a bright green colour with orange hairs, burnt encrusted in a thick layer of trichomes, with flowers that tend to be extremely sticky and very aromatic, and up to 26, 96% CBD.

On the other hand, the CBD pistachio is one of the varieties that contains an exotic, nutty and bittersweet aroma. The flowers are compact and lush. The buds are dark green with some brown and lilac tones reminiscent of pistachio, green and lilac inside and brown on the outside. One of the CBD flowers that contains the highest level of CBD for this reason, if you try the pistachio you will be able to verify its relaxing effect thanks to its high levels of CBD, between 20% and 23%.

The pack also includes the Green Cure flower that has an intense aroma, in which fruity nuances stand out, particularly tropical fruits. Also, thanks to its high levels of CBD, 11%, you will be able to appreciate its relaxing effects.

Finally, there is the Orange Cookie CBD from a genetic cross between Orange Cookies x Pure CBD. Its aroma and flavor is smooth, sweet and citrus. It contains high levels of CBD, between 10% and 12%.

In all the varieties included in the pack they contain less than 0.20% THC and, therefore, are completely legal throughout Europe, and have no psychoactive effect of any kind.

 CBD Starter Pack 4

  • 1 Zkittlez (2gr.)
  • 1 Pistacho (2gr.)
  • 1 Orange Cookies (2gr.)
  • 1 Super Boof (3gr.)
  • Hemp Buds
  • Less than 0.20% of THC
  • No psychoactive effects.
  • From biological farming.
  • GMO free
  • Pesticide free


This pack is made up of 4 different elements: a bag of Orange Cookies CBD, one of Green Cure CBD, one of Zkittlez CBD and another of Pistachio CBD.

This pack allows you to try two indoor strains, one Greenhouse and one outdoor, giving anyone access to try the different qualities available at The Tree CBD.

User to whom it is directed

The CBD Starter Pack is ideal for those users who do not know The Tree CBD and want to make their first purchase, but do not know very well what to buy and/or what qualities they like the most.

In addition, this pack offers the possibility of obtaining this variety at a lower price, since it represents a 10% discount compared to buying the products separately.

Safety information

Keep in mind that The Tree’s CBD buds and resins are a decorative, collectible and aromatic product. They should not be used during pregnancy or lactation. Keep out of the reach of children.

Our CBD buds may contain a certain amount of THC. Of course, this is below the EU limit of 0.2% THC.

The content provided is for informational and training purposes only and is in no way a substitute for the medical advice of a physician or pharmacist. Our texts are not intended for the independent diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.



Ideally, The Tree’s CBD buds and resins should be stored in a cool, dry place, protected from light and strong odors to avoid any type of contamination and/or degradation. Avoid direct sunlight and heat.

Attention: The indicated shelf life is one month if stored correctly.

CBD flowers and resins in Spain, according to the current legal framework, are intended solely for decorative, aromatic and/or collecting use.

In other countries such as the United States and Canada, Switzerland, Luxembourg, or the Czech Republic, the sale of marijuana and CBD resins for smoking or vaporising is allowed, so today there are many users who use this form of cannabidiol consumption to take advantage of the benefits attributed to it without obtaining the psychotropic effects of THC that traditional marijuana provides for recreational use.

In countries where smoking CBD is legal, users state that this way of using CBD has as its main benefit the speed when it comes to experiencing sensations, but on the contrary, it is difficult to correctly measure the amounts of cannabidiol that is absorbed and its effect is normally less durable.

It is important to point out that smoking CBD, according to the accepted legal use in certain countries (not Spain), does not cause psychotropic effects, which is the feeling of being high that marijuana with THC causes.

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