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We founded The Tree to offer the highest quality organic CBD products. Today our flowers are market leaders and our extensive catalog allows anyone to enjoy the benefits of hemp.

Top quality CBD flowers

We grow exclusive varieties taking care of every detail, so you can enjoy aromatic flowers rich in CBD all year round.



Hight Quality CBD
Do you want to try the purest CBD oil? Our Raw oil is not filtered and contains all the active components of hemp, enhancing the entourage effect and achieving a greater effect. Available in 3 concentrations: 5%, 10% or 20% CBD.

Buying CBD in Europe online is easier than ever. In our store you can find CBD buds, CBD oils and many other legal marijuana products of the highest quality in Spain. At The Tree CBD we are CBD experts and we will be happy to guide you.

Where can I buy CBD?

You can buy CBD, or rather the products that contain it, both in physical shops and online. In recent years, various types of establishments have started to sell CBD. Although this is quite useful, it’s always better to go to specialised establishments.

The Tree CBD is an online shop specialising in CBD, as we only sell products that contain it. From CBD creams and oils to CBD buds, e-liquids, and sprays, we have a wide range of products on offer.

Buy legal CBD

There are several things to consider when buying legal CBD, such as the quality of the product, the shipping time, and the type of product we need.

At The Tree CBD we offer organic CBD products of the highest quality. It’s not us who say so, but our customers. They’re the best endorsement of this claim, as reflected by our ratings of Excellent on Trustpilot and above four on Google.

Buy CBD oil

In our online shop you can buy different varieties of CBD oil. CBD oil is an all-natural product with only two ingredients: a plant-based oil and CBD-rich hemp flower extract.

It’s therefore a completely organic and natural product. At The Tree CBD you can buy CBD oil in various concentrations, ranging from 5 to 20% as well as different varieties. We have full spectrum, broad spectrum, and raw oils.

Broad spectrum CBD oil is notable for having no THC, not even the permitted 0.2%. It retains all of the plant’s terpenes and cannabinoids, except for THC.

Full spectrum CBD oil, on the other hand, does retain the natural THC in hemp (limited to 0.2%), along with all the terpenes and cannabinoids.

Lastly, raw CBD oil, retains the highest degree of purity, as the bud extract from that it’s made isn’t filtered. Unlike the previously mentioned ones, the base used is coconut MCT oil, which is enriched with raw CBD extract.

If you’re not sure what type of oil to buy or which product would best suit your needs, you can visit our recommendation tool. It’s a tool that will advise you on the CBD product that best suits your circumstances, based on your answers to a series of simple questions.

Buy CBD flowers

On our website you can buy various kinds of CBD flowers, such as Cali Weed, Indoor, Greenhouse, or Outdoor. CBD buds are a completely natural and unprocessed product. Our CBD flowers are organically grown and completely free of pesticides and harmful chemicals.

Firstly, Cali weed, as its name suggests, has its roots in the Californian growing style. California is a cannabis pioneer and is one of the largest markets in the United States. This has led them to obtain flowers that stand out for their aromas, their high quality, and their high cannabinoid content. At The Tree CBD we have the most popular CBD flowers with a Californian twist.

Indoor buds, meanwhile, are obtained from plants grown indoors. This growing method is carried out in industrial buildings and provides everything necessary for the plants to complete their life cycle. Artificial lighting and ventilation are installed using technological advances that allow us to obtain the best quality flowers with the highest percentages of CBD.

Greenhouse buds are obtained from greenhouse plants. These plants combine the advantages of plants grown indoors with the benefits of outdoor growing. This type of installation makes use of natural light and often the soil as well. This makes it possible to obtain high-quality flowers, which stand out for their aroma and appearance.

Ultimately, outdoor buds come from plants grown outdoors, in a traditional way. It’s a completely natural type of cultivation that makes use of the soil and sunlight, as has been done for thousands of years. This type of plant is at the mercy of the weather, so their quality varies depending on the climate. For this reason, these flowers tend to have less CBD than greenhouse or indoor flowers.

Hemp Flowers

Until very recently, hemp flowers were rarely appreciated, but the rise in popularity of CBD has made them more important. This plant was intended to produce fibres or seeds and its flowers were scarce and not very aromatic.

In contrast, psychotropic marijuana growers were concerned with producing aromatic buds with high levels of cannabinoids.

When the qualities of CBD became well known, new hemp plants with abundant, aromatic flowers and a high cannabinoid content were developed.

Nowadays, hemp genetics resemble traditional marijuana in aroma and appearance, but with low THC levels, so they aren’t psychotropic. This means that they don’t affect your central nervous system or your perception. This is why they’re also known as legal marijuana.

CBD Flowers in Europe

CBD flowers have no more than the 0.2% of legally allowed THC. This means that they’re not psychotropic, although some may have the same aroma and appearance as traditional marijuana.

Despite being known as legal marijuana, in Europe, hemp flowers can only be sold for decorative use or as a collector’s item. Smoking CBD buds is therefore not regulated in Europe. While there’s no law that expressly prohibits it, it’s understood that, from a legal point of view, users who smoke CBD buds would be misusing the product.

CBD online

Apart from CBD oil and CBD flowers or legal marijuana, you can also buy other CBD products online. At The Tree CBD we have a selection of products ranging from cosmetics, CBD e-liquids, CBD resins, CBD sprays, and many other products.

Our products stand out for their quality and our service for its speed and efficiency. Shipments arrive within 24-48 hours of purchase. In addition, we have a customer service team made up of CBD specialists at your disposal for any questions you may have. Our aim is to be the leading shop in Europe for buying CBD online.

Frequently asked questions about buying CBD online

When buying CBD online, there are many different things to take into account, such as the quality of the product, its concentration, how it’s administered, etc.

As we’re aware that the first steps into the world of CBD can be a bit complicated, we encourage you to use our recommendation tool. This is a tool created by The Tree CBD that recommends the product that best suits your needs based on your answers to a series of simple questions.

We work with various suppliers throughout Europe and who we work with varies depending on the time of year. All the CBD products we sell are produced in Europe, with all the corresponding guarantees.

Our CBD flowers are sourced from organically grown hemp, so in addition to being of excellent quality, they’re free of pesticides and harmful chemicals.

No, CBD isn’t addictive. Unlike THC, which is the main cannabinoid in marijuana, CBD isn’t psychotropic. In other words, CBD has no effect on our perception or the nervous system.

CBD is the main cannabinoid in hemp flowers and, because it has no psychotropic properties, CBD isn’t addictive.


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