After Sun

Made with only the richest essential ingredients, The Tree CBD’s After Sun contains a wealth of hemp extract to enhance the soothing process, soothe sunburn in seconds and help soothe the appearance of redness In addition, the infusion of natural Aloe Vera extract helps the regeneration of the skin, helping to recover it after exposure to the sun.

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    Solar Pack CBD

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    An ideal pack so that you can enjoy the summer while protecting, nourishing and benefiting from the advantages of CBD.

    CBD 30 SPF sun cream is a high protection cream that guarantees skin care, thanks to the benefits that CBD provides, as long as it is applied correctly.

    The CBD Aloe Vera After Sun, with calendula and arnica is a product specially designed to preserve skin health, totally natural and avoid possible skin lesions.

    They do not contain THC


  • After Sun CBD Aloe Vera

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    • With every After Sun, you get 3 pre-rolls for free
    • Hemp oil balm rich in cannabis extract (CBD).
    • Provides muscle relief and relaxation thanks to its active herbal ingredients.
    • Pleasant application thanks to its creamy texture and its aroma to Gaultheria.
    • It has NO THC