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CBD flowers are often classified according to the environment in which they are grown, so there are different types of CBD buds. However, none of them are better than any others, since, as the saying goes: “there’s no accounting for taste”.

However, each type of CBD flower has different qualities, which depend on their specific characteristics. In this article, we’ll go over the different types of CBD flowers that exist, explaining the characteristics of each of them, as well as the metrics that are usually used to evaluate their quality.

Mejores flores CBDCali Weed: quality and plenty of CBD

Cali Weed buds are Californian-style indoor flowers, with very high CBD levels and an intense aroma. The flowers are compact and resin-rich, with hardly any leaves. One of the flowers that best represents this category are the Sundae Driver buds, one of the top varieties on our website.

Sundae Driver buds are one of the best representatives of this category. Rock-like buds, round, dense and of the highest quality.

California is currently the leading territory for all things cannabis, known for the quality of the flowers produced there, as well as being the source of some of the most potent and aromatic strains in existence. At The Tree CBD, we offer you a whole range of Californian-style strains as CBD.

Indoor CBD flowers

These types of CBD flowers are grown indoors. In other words, they’re obtained from plants that aren’t grown outside, but in industrial buildings that are fully equipped for cultivation, where the plants are provided with everything they need to complete their life cycle.

In these enclosures, artificial lighting and ventilation are installed to replicate the best natural conditions for the plants, which are grown in pots. Although, in theory, the fact that they’re obtained in an artificial environment may seem negative, the opposite is actually true.

Indoor buds, not being at the mercy of bad weather, can’t be affected by problems such as storms or hailstorms. In addition, they’re usually much better protected from pests and/or fungi that can cause damage to them.

In fact, because the environmental conditions can be controlled very precisely, the plants receive what they need at all times. This results in flowers with excellent aroma and quality, together with the highest CBD percentages.

Greenhouse CBD flowers

These are flowers obtained from greenhouse plants, a type of cultivation that combines the advantages of indoor and outdoor cultivation. In cannabis greenhouses, growers take advantage of natural light and also of the soil, as they have glass roofs or roofs made from another material that allows sunlight to pass through, and the ground is usually made up of soil, although they can also be planted in pots.

As they’re not outdoors, the plants are well protected from possible pests and/or fungi, as well as from bad weather.

As with indoor growing, thanks to control of the environmental conditions, the plants have everything they need. This makes it possible to obtain high-quality greenhouse CBD flowers that stand out for their aroma and good appearance.

Outdoor CBD flowers

Lastly, there are flowers that are obtained from plants grown outdoors, i.e. in the traditional way. The crops are completely natural, without any artificial treatment.

To obtain these outdoor CBD flowers, growers make use of the soil and sunlight. The natural soil is tilled and fertilised, preparing it to provide the crop with what it needs to grow.

Outdoor crops are at the mercy of bad weather, which leads to varying quality, as this is directly dependent on the weather being favourable.

Typically, these types of flowers tend to contain less CBD than greenhouse or indoor flowers. However, when grown naturally, they’re very rich in terpenes, so they have aromas and nuances that you can’t get from other types of cultivation.

What factors determine the quality of CBD flowers?

There are two factors that help us determine the quality of cannabis flowers: aroma and appearance. Buds with too many leaves or branches look worse and tend to be of poorer quality. Flowers that aren’t very fragrant, or which have a chemical smell, are also not of good quality.

Another indicator of poor quality and careless cultivation is the presence of too many seeds, as the male plants must be removed from the crop in time to prevent pollination of the flowers.

In the buds free of leaves, branches, and seeds, you can see the resin glands or trichomes, where CBD is formed and present. Therefore, the higher the number of trichomes, the better the quality of a given flower.

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