CBD Oil 5 % Raw

CBD Oil 5 % Raw

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Quick description:

Coconut MCT oil based oil

5% CBD per drop (1.25mg per drop).

10 ml dosing container.

Organic farming, free of pesticides and harmful chemicals.

Contains less than 0.2% THC

Topical use



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Description :

CBD oil 5 % Raw


The CBD oil 5 % Raw is made from coconut MCT oil. The oil contains all the active components of hemp. Unlike broad spectrum and full spectrum oils, this oil is the purest of the 3 because it is not filtered.

This CBD oil has been made without solvents: free of alcohols, gases or other more aggressive solvents for extraction. While the broad spectrum oil does not retain the THC from the plant, this full spectrum CBD oil does retain the THC from the plant, although always below 0.2%.


Components and appearance of the oil:


Additionally, CBD oil 5 % Raw  also looks different from broad spectrum and full spectrum oils. By preserving all the components of the plant and not being filtered, its color is dark and dense, maintaining the purity of the oil; compared to the broad spectrum oil because it is a more transparent and clear oil or the full spectrum oil that is gold yellow in color.

On the other hand, this oil is made from MCT oil or medium chain triglyceride, they are a type of saturated fat that can be found in coconut oil. It is one of the latest breakthroughs based on CBD oil. Cannabinoids are stored in fat instead of in water when they break down, that is, they are fat soluble. This is why cannabinoids increase their effectiveness when they are consumed with fat. Although it depends on the type of fat.

In this way, The Tree CBD oil preserves all of the components of the hemp flower and its properties, mainly contributing 5% cannabidiol (CBD), and minor parts of CBG, CBF, CBN, CBC and more than 40 terpenes. naturally present in hemp. This solution contains the full spectrum of the plant.


Why should I choose this oil?


If you need a mild dose of CBD, our 5 % formula is perfect. We have made it especially for those who have already tried CBD. Each bottle of CBD is subject to rigorous quality control and is extracted from organically grown hemp. Thanks to sophisticated CO₂ extraction and purification processes, and independent testing, each bottle contains high-quality CBD free from adverse side effects, additives, and artificial chemicals.

Our oil is grown in an ecological way, free of pesticides, harmful chemicals, and following the most rigorous quality controls, and with 100% plant-based ingredients.

This oil contains less than 0.2% THC, has no psychoactive effects and is legal throughout Europe.

Characteristics of CBD Oil 5 % raw :


Coconut MCT oil based oil

5% CBD per drop (1.25mg per drop).

10 ml dosing container.

Organic farming, free of pesticides and harmful chemicals.

Contains less than 0.2% THC

Topical use


Ingredients CBD oil 5 % raw:

Coconut MCT oil based oil and CO2 hemp extraction.

Additional Information :
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