Affiliates terms and conditions

This contract describes the terms and conditions of the affiliate program offered by Hemp Rider S.L, a company legally incorporated in Spain and whose commercial name is The Tree CBD (hereinafter “The Tree CBD” or “”). Any person (hereinafter “affiliate” or plural “affiliates”) who wishes to be part of the affiliate program may do so subject to these terms and conditions, together with all other policies and principles governing The Tree CBD and that are incorporated to the present by reference.

Any person who joins our affiliate program accepts that they have read, understood and agreed to these terms and conditions, as well as the general terms and conditions and the privacy policy of


Purpose of the agreement

The participation of the affiliate in this program is solely for the purpose of advertising and recommending The Tree CBD products, in exchange for receiving a commission on the products sold on by the persons the affiliate refers to.


Affiliate codes

The Tree CBD will provide each affiliate with a personalized link. Each link will be unique and will be associated with the affiliate. These links will be used for customers referred by the member to buy through that same link and receive a discount. When the purchase of the product is made, having used the client the aforementioned link, the affiliate will automatically receive the commission, according to the conditions established in the section “Payment cycle” of the present terms and conditions. The discount amounts for the client and the commission to be earned by the affiliate will be negotiated in particular with each affiliate and may vary for each link provided.

In the event that a referred client has been referred by two different affiliates, the sale will be attributed to the last affiliate who referred the client.

Affiliates will charge for the purchases of all their referrals during the 30-day period, even if these referred clients decide to compare later. That is, for example: if an affiliate shares a link to and a referred customer clicks and views the website, but does not decide to buy anything at that time. Two days later, the referred client returns to the website and buys. This sale and consequent commission will be assigned to the affiliate, as long as the aforementioned client has not cleaned their browser’s cookies. In that case the sale will not be attributed to the affiliate.

The affiliate can promote their codes in person with their referrals or in offline and online media, in text, graphic, verbal or digital format. Some examples of these means could be, without limitation: websites, blogs, emails, social networks, specialized media, specialized magazines. Some of the most popular media to carry out this collaboration are: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

The affiliate can use the graphics and texts provided by The Tree CBD or can create theirs, always adhering to the ethical codes and being faithful to the philosophy of the company.



The affiliate will promote the products offered by complying with all laws, including those related to email marketing, anti-spam and advertising ethics. The affiliate will not make any pledge or commitment to any kind of obligation for or on behalf of The Tree CBD.

The Tree CBD will pay the affiliate the commission established for each sale made through its personalized link and according to the payment cycle established in these terms and conditions.

The Tree CBD will not be responsible for indirect or accidental damages (loss of income or commissions) due to failures in the follow-up of the affiliation program, loss of databases, defects in the security system, viruses, harmful software components, or any result of attempts to attack the technological platform of


Completion of the affiliate agreement

Both the affiliate and The Tree CBD can terminate the affiliation relationship at any time, for which the party deciding the termination must communicate it by reliable means, making the effective termination immediately. Members can only receive payments as an affiliate for the duration of the affiliation relationship. Termination of membership will not exempt The Tree CBD from payment of outstanding debts for commissions earned prior to the termination of membership.

Affiliated program status may be suspended or terminated by The Tree CBD for any of the following reasons, not limited to: inappropriate or disloyal advertising, false claims, deceptive hyperlinks, spam, advertising on sites that contain or promote illegal activities, violation of right