21 Days Smoking CBD Buds

Would you dare to smoke CBD buds for 21 days? Well, believe it or not, it is possible! Our friend Fhire Engorile, for 21 days, has not tasted a single cigar, as well as no cannabis rich in thc. He has spent, like a champion, 21 days consuming only CBD buds. After a few hard days but, yes, always with a lot of humor, positivity and the best energy. He entered a phase in which, little by little, he was experiencing the benefits of CBD.

You can follow all his evolution on his Instagram and, very soon, we will enjoy a video in which he tells us how his life has changed; how he feels without depending on tobacco and thc and, of course, in what aspects his life has improved. day to day.



Both thc and cbd are cannabinoids found in cannabis and both act in different ways on the endocannabinoid system. This is an intercellular communication system responsible for creating homeostasis, an extremely important process that makes it possible to maintain stable internal conditions, compensating for changes in its environment. Some of the examples of homeostasis could be the regulation of temperature and the balance between acidity and alkalinity.

The main difference between these two components present in cannabis is that CBD does not have psychoactive effects, while thc does and, therefore, acts directly on the brain. Find out why cbd buds might be a better option below.



Thc acts directly on the CB-1 receptor, which is the one that regulates pleasure, appetite, memory and concentration; for that reason any meal after consuming thc is much tastier. Likewise, thc can produce alterations in perception, hindering the performance of some tasks and can even modify mood, another reason why many people have opted to change thc for cbd.

If you want to continue enjoying the flavor and aroma of the cannabis flower but do not want to experience the effects of consuming thc, without a doubt, CBD buds are a very good option; especially if you are one of those who like to smoke throughout the day but do not want to stop meeting your daily obligations.

If you are still not convinced, visit Fhire Engorile‘s Instagram profile and let him, with his 21-day experience, persuade you. You are about to improve your quality of life with The Tree CBD and its cbd buds.

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