Amnesia marijuana in its CBD version

Amnesia marijuana is your favorite flower but you don’t know if its CBD version will be up to the task? At The Tree CBD we are convinced that it is and in this article we will explain why. The Amnesia variety has been with us since our inception and, we know for a fact that it never disappoints.


As you already know, the main difference between those strains rich in thc and the genetics rich in cbd is the psychoactive effect. While the former generate what is known as ” high ”, flowers with high percentages of cbd, and with less than 0.2% of thc, do not cause any type of psychoactive effect. On the contrary, CBD is an antipsychotic substance whose relaxing effect is evident at the body level. In turn, by containing low percentages of thc, they make this flower legal marijuana in Spain.



Another question that assails many people is whether this type of cannabis offers flavor and aroma. We could say that the only difference between traditional amnesia marijuana and its cbd-rich version is the percentage of thc since both the aroma, the taste and the strength of its buds are exactly the same. In fact, with the naked eye, it would be practically impossible to differentiate one variety from another.

In addition, when you are consuming a type of legal marijuana in Spain, you can be completely calm. All these flowers are analyzed by independent laboratories and are certified by the EU, and we also bring them to your home.


Amnesia marijuana is possibly one of the most popular and oldest genetics in the history of contemporary cannabis. The origins of Amnesia, created by a Dutch grower, are so far a mystery. Although everything indicates that it could be the product of the cross between Haze and Northern Lights.

What we could call the queen of sativas, captivates all those who are lucky enough to cross paths with her, not to mention the prominence and attention that she obtained in Dutch coffee shops in her heyday.


Little by little and, over many years, those genetics that provided high percentages of CBD have been selected and crossed. Arduous task that, in the long term, has paid off and, thanks to which, we can now enjoy this flower that blooms in record time and that presents great organoleptic features, without the sometimes unwanted psychoactive effect.


At The Tree CBD we offer a wide variety of legal marijuana in Spain and, although amnesia marijuana is probably one of the most successful, we cannot forget that we constantly produce new varieties whose quality can be equated with the jewel in the crown.

With between 21 and 23% CBD, this cannabis plant is a great producer, not only of buds, but also of resin. Although it is true that the size of its buds is a little smaller than those of the Original Amnesia, these CBD flowers are large, compact and well formed. When it comes to resin, trichome lovers shouldn’t miss out on our Amnesia.

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