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Unlike traditional hashish, which contains significant levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD hashish is characterised by its high cannabidiol (CBD) content.

With a very low THC percentage, not exceeding the legally permitted 0.2%, CBD hashish is perfectly legal. In fact, in our shop you can find 100% legal hashish in various formats, either in small sizes, such as 3 and 5 grams, or in slightly larger portions, such as 15 and 25 grams.

What is the selling price of 100% legal hashish plaques?

One of the most frequent questions we get asked at The Tree CBD is about the cost of legal CBD hashish plaques. The answer to this question can vary depending on a number of factors, which are described below:

  • Product quality: The quality of legal CBD hash plays a crucial role in its price. High quality products, obtained from reliable sources and with careful extraction processes, may be priced slightly higher than lower quality options. However, investing in a quality product is usually a wise decision.
  • Quantity and weight: The amount of CBD hash you want to buy will also affect the price. CBD hash slabs are often available in different sizes and weights, which means you can choose the quantity that best suits your budget.
  • CBD concentration: Another variable to consider is the concentration of CBD in the product. Products with a higher CBD concentration may have a higher price tag, but they also offer a higher amount of cannabidiol.

As you can see, the price of legal hashish slabs varies depending on the factors described above, but we will provide an overview to help you get an idea of what to expect.

In general, depending on the quantity purchased and the type of hashish, the price of a tablet ranges from €3.9 per gram to €9.45. The larger the hash, the lower the price per gram.

What types of hash can be found in The Tree catalogue?

In our catalogue we have different types of resin, from those extracted with more traditional methods such as pollen, also called dry hash, or charas, to others obtained with more modern methods such as bubble hash or water hash.

polen full meltThe first of these, CBD pollen or dry hash, is a kind of resin high in CBD and terpenes. It is a hashish very similar to traditional hashish, with rather light tones ranging from yellow to brown.

It is a very aromatic resin, extracted dry by gently sieving the flowers. That is, the CBD-rich hemp buds are spread on a very fine mesh that is moved so that the flowers vibrate, so that the trichomes (resin glands) pass through the mesh, but not the plant matter, so that the resin is separated from the flowers.

resina bubble hashBubble hash, on the other hand, is a type of hashish obtained by using water to separate the resin from the plant matter. As the resin is not water-soluble, i.e. it does not dissolve in water, it acts as a mechanical separator by segregating the trichomes from the flower.

This type of hash is also obtained by using screens that act as a sieve, preventing plant matter from mixing with the resin. In a nutshell, several screens are placed over a container and a mixture of water, ice and hemp flowers is poured into them. This is filtered so that the water remains in the container and the resin is separated from the flowers between the screens. It is then dried and pressed to form a dark brown hash, which is the final result.

resinas-cbd-charas-hashOne of the most popular resins is undoubtedly charas, a hashish traditionally produced in India and Pakistan. Unlike those mentioned above, it is made from fresh buds, i.e. without first drying them. Traditionally, it was made by hand, rubbing the fresh flowers with the hands until a good layer of resin accumulated on them.

Nowadays, charas with CBD is also obtained in this way, so it is a resin of excellent quality, obtained by hand and in a totally ecological way. The result retains the ancient reminiscences of the best resins from India, Nepal and Pakistan.

As you can see, none of the methods require additional ingredients because the resin is separated from the flowers by mechanical filtering processes, i.e. without the addition of chemicals. Only the best quality hemp flowers, with the right treatment, are used to make 100% legal hashish slabs with CBD.


Another of the resins that make up our catalogue is the popular CBN Cream, as its name suggests, it is a dry hash with CBN, the latest novelty brought by The Tree CBD team. This extraction is a special hash that is obtained using only 70 micron mesh, extracting only the best properties from the hemp. The aim is to offer a product with all its natural terpenes and a strong aroma with no artificial additives, only real hemp terpenes.

This cannabis resin from The Tree CBD is a high quality, artisan style product, different from other kinds of commercial hashish. At first glance only resin crystals are visible and it emanates a pleasant blend of aromas. The quality of this product is evident from the initial smell and aromas. With a smell on par with the finest extractions, it provides an exceptional experience and an earthy, nostalgic aroma.

This CBD and CBN resin is very rich in cannabinoids, containing a high concentration of them, with 20% CBD, 8% CBN and 3% CBG. In addition, it comes from organic hemp cultivation in Europe and contains less than 0.2% THC, making it legal throughout Europe.

resinas-cbd-lemon-hash-2Last but not least, The Tree CBD brings you Lemon CBD Hash, a delicious derivative of organic hemp flowers, a high-strength Hash highly rich in terpenes that offers an instantly recognisable and delicious citrus flavour.

This hashish delight, made from sieving, brings the sweet and aromatic taste of pollen with a superior intensity of CBD concentration, which is achieved from resinous cannabis trichomes that accumulate from sieving dried, loose cannabis flowers in a mesh or sieve. This hashish, as the name suggests, has a more yellowish hue. Moreover, this natural and organic compound, thanks to its powdery consistency, is perfectly malleable.

The resin glands containing terpenes and cannabinoids make this concentrate a very top Hash variety, with a quality that is difficult to match, and with a much higher concentration of non-psychoactive cannabinoids, such as CBD, than that of the cannabis flowers from which it is derived.

Finally, we remind you that 100% legal CBD hashish is not a product intended for human consumption, but a collector’s item. Therefore, any use other than this constitutes a misuse of the product.

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