What types of hashish exist?

The world of cannabis and its derivatives has undergone a revolution in recent years, and one of the products that has become particularly relevant is CBD hashish. With the growing social acceptance of cannabis, it has become a topic of interest for many people.

In this article, we will explore in detail what hashish is and what are the various types on the market, with a special focus on CBD hashish. We will look at where it comes from, its characteristics and its legality.

What is hashish?

Hashish, sometimes written as ‘hashish’, is a cannabis product that has been consumed for centuries in different parts of the world. It is characterised by its distinctive appearance and texture, as well as its psychotropic effects.

It is produced from the resin of cannabis plants, which is found in glands called trichomes produced by the flowers of female plants. These are small structures shaped like tiny hairs with a small ball at the tip.

These glands are particularly rich in compounds such as THC, CBD, terpenes and other cannabinoids that contribute to the various effects of cannabis. This is because all these compounds are produced in these resin glands called trichomes.

Hashish takes the form of a solid, sticky substance that varies in colour and consistency. Some of its distinguishing characteristics are:

  • Texture: Hashish can be soft and pliable, like a paste, or harder and more brittle, like glass.
  • Colour: The colours of hashish can vary from shades of gold or brown to green or black, depending on its origin and processing.
  • Aroma: Each type of hash has a characteristic aroma that can be earthy, spicy, floral or sweet and sour.

Traditional vs. CBD Hashish

The most notable difference between traditional hashish and CBD hashish lies in their chemical composition, specifically the THC and CBD levels.

Traditional hashish is produced from marijuana strains that contain significant levels of THC, the main psychotropic compound in cannabis. As a result, traditional hashish can produce altered perception and potent intoxicating effects, including euphoria, heaviness and narcoticism.

In contrast, CBD hashish is produced from industrial hemp strains with low levels of THC and high levels of CBD, its main non-psychotropic cannabinoid. This means that CBD hashish does not produce the intoxicating or perception-altering effects associated with THC.

Types of CBD Hashish

Below, we will explore some of the most notable types of hashish, including CBD pollen, CBD bubble hash and CBD charas.

polen full meltCBD Pollen (CBD Dry Extracted Hash)

CBD pollen, sometimes called dry hash or dry hash, is a type of cannabis resin that is noted for its high CBD content and richness in terpenes. It is similar in appearance and texture to traditional hashish, with shades ranging from yellow to brown and even green.

It is obtained through a dry extraction process: CBD-rich hemp buds are placed on a fine mesh screen, which is moved so that the flowers vibrate and receive light impacts. The trichomes pass through these meshes, separating the resin from the flowers.

resina bubble hashBubble Hash (Water Hash with CBD)

Bubble hash is another type of hash that is extracted using water to separate the resin from the plant matter. As cannabis resin is not soluble in water, it acts as a mechanical separator, separating the trichomes from the flower.

This method involves arranging several screens over a container, into which a mixture of water, ice and hemp flowers is poured. The water and resin are filtered, leaving the liquid in the container and the resin between the screens as a wet paste. This is then dried and pressed to form a dark coloured hash.

CBD bubble hash, like CBD pollen, is made when the flowers are already dried.

resinas-cbd-charas-hashCharas with CBD

Charas is the name of the hashish traditionally made in the countries of India and Pakistan. Its main distinguishing feature is that it is produced from the fresh plant, i.e. without the flowers going through a drying process.

The production of CBD charas is still a manual process, where the fresh buds are rubbed by hand until they accumulate a layer of high-quality resin. As the best quality, aromatic and resin-rich hemp flowers are usually used, charas with CBD retains the ancient flavours of resins from India, Nepal and Pakistan.

cbn cream resinaCBN Cream

Another of the resins that make up our catalogue is the popular CBN Cream, as its name suggests, it is a dry hash with CBN, the latest novelty brought by The Tree CBD team. This extraction is a special hash that is obtained using only 70 micron mesh, extracting only the best properties from the hemp. The aim is to offer a product with all its natural terpenes and a strong aroma with no artificial additives, only real hemp terpenes.

This cannabis resin from The Tree CBD is a high quality, artisan style product, different from other kinds of commercial hashish. Only resin crystals are visible to the naked eye and it emanates a pleasant blend of aromas. The quality of this product is evident from the initial smell and aromas. With a smell on par with the finest extractions, it provides an exceptional experience and an earthy, nostalgic aroma.

This CBD and CBN resin is very rich in cannabinoids, containing a high concentration of cannabinoids, with 20% CBD, 8% CBN and 3% CBG. In addition, it comes from organic hemp cultivation in Europe and contains less than 0.2% THC, making it legal throughout Europe.

resinas-cbd-lemon-hash-2Lemon Hash

And last but not least, The Tree CBD brings you Lemon CBD Hash, a delicious derivative of organic hemp flowers, a high-strength Hash highly rich in terpenes that offers an instantly recognisable and delicious citrus flavour.

This hashish delight, made from sieving, brings the sweet and aromatic taste of pollen with a superior intensity of CBD concentration, which is achieved from resinous cannabis trichomes that accumulate from sieving dried, loose cannabis flowers in a mesh or sieve. This hashish, as the name suggests, has a more yellowish hue. Moreover, this natural and organic compound, thanks to its powdery consistency, is perfectly malleable.

The resin glands containing terpenes and cannabinoids make this concentrate a very top Hash strain, with a quality that is difficult to match, and with a much higher concentration of non-psychoactive cannabinoids, such as CBD, than that of the cannabis flowers from which it is derived.

Finally, we remind you once again that 100% legal CBD hashish is not a product intended for human consumption, but a collector’s item. Consequently, any use other than this constitutes a misuse of the product.




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