Cannabis Education and Information in Barcelona

This Thursday, December 12, we had a great time spreading the word about cannabis education. Once again, information and education about CBD to the cannabis community of Barcelona. This month, we partnered with Mon Ami BCN, Dolce Vita magazine, and neuropsychology expert Tomasso Bruscolini, as a representative of the UPRC (Union of Patients for the Regulation of Cannabis) to bring together, inform and educate cannabis enthusiasts. cannabis of the city of Barcelona.

What cannabis education topics were covered?

The topic that was discussed on this occasion was: What are cannabinoids and how do they affect your body? An interesting talk in which our colleague Clara Herbaut from The Tree CBD, a great CBD connoisseur, presented what CBD is and gave valuable advice to consume CBD safely.

What speakers participated on the talk?

On the one hand, we were also lucky to have the presence of the neuropsychologist, Tomasso Bruscolini (from UPRC), who gave an interesting talk about our favorite plant and its components. He shared an overview of existing cannabinoids, as well as their effects and benefits. With an interested audience that, thirsty for knowledge, did not hesitate to transmit their doubts and opinions on this subject.

Our last speaker, Abdel Morched: ended up impressing our audience with his dynamic speech about his experience as a veteran of the cannabis industry, as well as his fight for legalization in California.

At the end of the meeting, and thanks to a successful tasting of The Tree CBD products. The public was able to taste these premium products, unique in Europe.

However, next Wednesday, December 12, there will be a new meeting of this community to which everyone is welcome. This marks the beginning of a new era for CBD, the non-psychoactive component of hemp that is already improving the quality of life for many people. A world in which The Tree CBD has a lot to contribute.

About us

In order to expand the knowledge and information about CBD, as well as to initiate an education process about this component. The Tree CBD presents itself as the first CBD community, on a European level. That aims to remove all the stigmas that surround the world of cannabis, adding clarity to the confusing information produced by the media. In addition to creating a space for dialogue in which all members of this community can freely express and contribute their ideas.

If you want more information, do not hesitate to consult the following links or, if you prefer, you can also write to us at, we will be delighted and delighted to assist you.

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