As we are going to explain during the talk about cannabis, the phrase ‘unity is strength’ becomes even more necessary in the world of cannabis.

With a whole arsenal of political and social discourses that stigmatize this medicinal plant. It is important that all pro-cannabis organizations stand together to invent invincible weapons. But, without a doubt, our best weapon is the word. For this simple reason, The Tree CBD will participate in the talk-presentation of UPRC Barcelona (Union of Patients for the Regulation of Cannabis). This non-profit organization defends our right to access cannabis and cannabinoids as a doctor-supervised treatment, in a safe and affordable way; without any discrimination based on age, sex, status or condition.

Where and when will the talk about cannabis take place?

In this event, which will be held on Thursday, December 6 at 12:00 in the Ronda San Pere nº 42 in Barcelona, ​​we will have the presence of the expert in neuropsychology, Tomasso, and with colleagues from Mon Ami Social Club Bcn, Endoca and Dolce Vita to provide CBD education.

Some of the topics that we will cover this time will be: the recreational and therapeutic use of cannabis; what is CBD, how it affects your body and some tips on how to use it safely.

After a warm welcome, Clara Herbaut from The Tree CBD will talk about what CBD is and how to choose the CBD products that best suit your needs as a consumer. Following this, Abdel Morched, a medical licensed cannabis grower in the state of California, will speak about his experience as a veteran in the industry. And, finally, the neuropsychologist, Tomasso Bruscolini, will provide a more scientific vision by sharing his knowledge about cannabis and its components, explaining how they interact and how they affect us.

After answering all the questions that may arise during the talk, the meeting will end in the best of ways, with a tasting of products from The Tree CBD’s premium flowers. We will wait for you.

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