CBD and climbing are closely linked. We could say that CBD is the perfect ally of sport. The physiotherapist Pablo Scorza, a great professional and a better person, could speak to you at length about this topic; and who we count on as an ambassador for The Tree CBD.

Discover in this post by Pablo Scorza the multiple benefits of CBD whether you are an athlete or if you like to take care of your body.


Pablo has carefully studied this non-psychoactive component of cannabis. His contribution is essential to bring its benefits closer to the more people the better; as well as to destigmatize this plant.

CBD and climbing

This physiotherapist, who treats great climbing professionals such as Edu Marín, Patxi Usobiaga, Dani Andrada or Yuji Hirayama. He is very clear that there is still much to investigate in the relationship CBD and escalation. Every day is a new opportunity for him to investigate, always on behalf of his patients.

Pablo has even developed his own working method called Functional Biomechanics: the result of his 20 years of experience in posturology, exercise physiology, manual therapy and psychoneuromotor skills.

Pablo insists on reminding us that we only have one body and that we have to take care of it as much as we can. Only a healthy body can fully develop.

His dedication, his motivation to constantly learn and his desire to continue growing as a professional, make Pablo a unique person and it is undoubtedly a great honor to be able to count on him as a representative of our brand. he discovers in this post why Pablo chooses The Tree CBD.

One of his most important tools in his sessions is our CBD-rich sports balm. A balm that, applied after a hard workout: provides fast and effective pain relief, relieves joint discomfort and helps relieve muscle pain thanks to its active herbal ingredients.

CBD and climbing go hand in hand thanks to professionals like Pablo who, far from being carried away by stigmas, understands that only with experience can true knowledge be acquired.

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