Can a drug test come back positive for having used CBD?

If we stick strictly to CBD consumption, it’s impossible to test positive in a drug test. That said, you should bear in mind that many CBD products also contain THC, which is the cannabinoid that this type of test is designed to look for.

The cannabis plant has the capacity to produce both molecules, which are two of its best known and most studied active ingredients. However, while CBD is completely free of psychotropic effects, THC is responsible for the intoxicating and euphoric effect of marijuana flowers and can be addictive.

CBD, meanwhile, is produced by the hemp plant, a type of cannabis that belongs to the same family as marijuana, but that has traditionally been used to produce fabrics, paper, seeds, and oil, among other things.

Understanding the connection between THC and CBD

Riesgo de dar positivo en un control antidrogas por consumo de CBDThe two cannabinoids are closely related, as both have a very similar chemical structure. However, these two substances have properties that are completely different. You can read about the differences between THC and CBD here.

As explained previously, THC is a psychotropic compound and is mainly produced in the marijuana plant, while CBD lacks euphoric or perception-altering effects and is mostly produced in hemp.

Nevertheless, plant biology and physiology are often complex, and both marijuana and hemp can indeed produce both cannabinoids. That said, they differ in terms of the amount that they can synthesise of each substance: while marijuana produces very little CBD, hemp yields very low levels of THC.

This is the main reason why marijuana is illegal, as it produces a lot of THC and very little CBD. Hemp, on the other hand, is perfectly legal worldwide, as long as its THC concentration doesn’t exceed 0.2%, which is the maximum allowed by law in the vast majority of countries. In fact, any type of cannabis product that exceeds this percentage isn’t legal in a large number of countries.

Do all CBD products contain THC?

After having read the above, you might think that if CBD is obtained from hemp and hemp has 0.2% THC, then all CBD products contain THC, but this is far from the truth. In fact, there are several types of CBD products, which are classified according to the cannabis-derived substances they contain, and some are completely free of THC.

Firstly, there are products with CBD isolate. These are various products that contain only a pure CBD extract. In other words, they don’t contain any other compounds from the cannabis plant. CBD e-liquids and CBD vape devices usually fall into this category.

Broad spectrum CBD products are also completely free of THC. These products differ from products with CBD isolate in that they contain other beneficial substances obtained from the plant, such as other cannabinoids and terpenes. In other words, broad spectrum CBD products retain all the active ingredients of the plant, except for THC. Examples include broad spectrum oils.

Lastly, full spectrum CBD products do indeed contain THC. In other words, these are products that contain all of the plant’s substances, including THC up to a limit of 0.2%. This product category includes full spectrum oils, CBD sprays, CBD flowers, and CBD resins.

Could I risk testing positive in a drug test for having used full spectrum CBD products?

Generally, these products don’t show up in drug tests, although excessive use of these products may lead to a positive result. THC and its metabolites bind to fatty tissues and, when consumed excessively and frequently, can be detected in drug tests.

However, the most frequent checks are oral tests performed on drivers, which detect the presence of THC. In these cases, if you have consumed full spectrum CBD products excessively or improperly, you may test positive in such a check.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that, in Europe, most full spectrum products, such as full spectrum CBD oil and flowers or resins, aren’t sold for oral use or for inhalation. Therefore, these forms of administration are considered to be misuse of these products. The only legally permitted way to consume CBD by inhalation are by using e-liquids and vape devices, which generally don’t contain THC.

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