Differences between e-cigarettes and CBD vapes

Although the two devices are very similar and work in much the same way, they have some significant differences. The main difference between e-cigarettes and vapes is the need for recharging, as the e-cigarette requires regular charging of both the battery and the vape liquid, while the CBD vape is always ready for use at any time.

But apart from the need to recharge e-cigarettes, this type of device also differs in other aspects, such as the CBD concentration or the ability to adjust the vaping temperature.

In this article, we’ll explore in detail what the main differences are between e-cigarettes and CBD vapes. We’ll look at how they work, as well as the most important legal considerations surrounding this form of consumption.

Vapes and e-liquids with CBD are an ideal alternative for users who are taking their first steps with CBD and are already vaping or are regular smokers. By understanding the different aspects of each option, you can make an informed and conscious decision about which one best suits your needs and preferences.

What are e-liquids for vaping CBD?

Diferencias entre cigarrillo electrónico y vape CBD

CBD e-liquids are e-cigarette liquids that contain CBD, instead of containing nicotine as usual. This type of e-liquid allows users to consume CBD through inhalation without any combustion. In other words, they make it possible to inhale CBD without smoking cannabis.

At present, the legislation in force in Europe only allows the use of CBD flowers and resins for decorative, aromatic, and/or collection purposes, so they cannot be smoked or consumed in any other way. Therefore, not only is CBD vaping less harmful than combustion (smoking), but it’s also perfectly legal throughout Europe.

CBD e-liquids are a product that can only be consumed by using a specific device, such as an e-cigarette. A device for vaping CBD should ideally have a wattage between ten and 30 watts and, if possible, have a temperature regulator.

Lastly, in terms of its use, it’s always advisable to know the right dosage according to the level or percentage of CBD in the e-liquid in question, or to start by vaping rather low amounts of CBD until the desired effect is achieved.

What are disposable CBD vapes?

These devices are very similar to the disposable vapes with or without nicotine that are usually sold in tobacco shops, but they contain a high percentage of CBD. They’re extremely simple to use, as they don’t require any type of charging and can be used directly, so you can start inhaling right away.

This is possible because these devices already contain their own vape liquid. In addition, as far as the battery is concerned, it’s built-in and fully charged, so there’s no need to charge them before use. However, should the battery run out for any reason, The Tree CBD disposable CBD vapes can be recharged, so you can always use up the liquid they contain.

Disposable CBD vapes work in much the same way as traditional e-cigarettes, activating on every puff. Their usual duration depends on the frequency and intensity of use, as they last for around 800 puffs.

Disposable vapes have several advantages over traditional e-liquids and are generally more user-friendly.

Firstly, everything is built into the device itself, so there’s no need to carry e-liquids to refill it, or a charger to plug it in. As a disposable device, there’s usually no need to recharge the battery, as the battery normally lasts longer than the vape liquid.

It’s also worth mentioning that disposable CBD vapes have a higher CBD concentration level than e-liquids.  The latter usually contain between 3 and 10% CBD, while disposable CBD vapes have a concentration of 50-90% CBD. Therefore, they allow the same effect as CBD e-liquids to be achieved with fewer inhalations.

In summary, although CBD e-liquids for e-cigarettes and disposable CBD vapes share similarities in terms of their appearance and form of use, there are some significant differences between them.

The need for recharging is one of the most notable differences, as e-cigarettes require regular charging of both the vape liquid and the battery, while CBD vapes are usually ready to use at any time. In addition, they also differ in other aspects, such as CBD concentration and the ability to regulate the temperature of the vape.

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