What is the difference between indica and sativa?

The main difference between sativa and indica strains lies in their morphology. While sativas are very tall plants that can easily exceed 2.5 metres in height, indicas have a more squat stature. In addition, sativas have leaves with long, thin leaflets, while indicas have wide, short ones.

There are also those who say that they differ in the effect they produce, attributing stimulating capacity to sativas and sedative capacity to indicas. However, this is still under investigation.

These two types of cannabis, indica and sativa, represent two distinct sides of the plant, each with its own unique history, appearance, aroma, effects and uses. The debate over their differences has been the subject of countless discussions over time. Some claim that the distinction between them is clear and straightforward, while others argue that the reality is far more complex than it appears at first glance.


Types of cannabis: history and characteristics

The first person to describe cannabis as a plant species and its characteristics was Carlo Linnaeus, who is considered the father of modern taxonomy (the science of classifying living things). The Swedish scientist only knew about European cannabis, which he named Cannabis sativa Linnaeus.

However, a few years later, Lamarck, who is also considered a reference in the field for formulating the first theory of evolution, thought it appropriate to differentiate Indian cannabis as another distinct subspecies: Cannabis Indica. This was mainly due to its differences with the European one.

This classification remained for more than 100 years, until Dmitri Yanishevksi, in the 20th century, proposed Cannabis ruderalis Yanish as a subspecies. This type of cannabis is characterised by the fact that it does not depend on the number of hours of sunlight to flower and is less than 1 metre tall.

On their own, ruderalis plants are not used for anything, but they have been crossed with indicas and sativas to create hybrids that do not depend on the number of daylight hours to flower. CBD-rich hybrids with autoflowering capability have also been produced.

Cannabis Indica vs. Cannabis Sativa

As explained above, cannabis plants from the Asian continent were named Cannabis Indica by Lamarck. Indicas, unlike sativas, are characterised by a stunted growth habit, as they do not grow very tall.

Cannabis Indica has been used for hundreds of years for flower production, as it originally had intoxicating properties. Therefore, over time, the plants with the best flowers have been selected.

Sativas, on the other hand, were originally the European hemp plants. This was a type of cannabis that was cultivated for industrial uses, such as the production of clothes, rope, paper, seeds, etc.

Sativa plants have a different morphology from Indica plants: apart from reaching great heights, they produce airy, loosely packed flowers. Their leaves also have narrow, thin leaflets.

Over time, the terms sativa and indica have been applied to marijuana, with tall strains with long leaflets and airy buds being called sativa, and stunted strains with tight buds being called indica.

With the current popularisation of CBD, these terms have also started to be applied to CBD flowers. So, indica-like strains are called indica and more sativa-like strains are also called sativa.

Which are the most popular CBD sativas?

One of the most legendary sativas of the last decades is Amnesia, of which there is also a CBD version. These are flowers with citrus and fruity aromas, very characteristic of sativa strains.

Another popular sativa plant is Cheese, which dates back to the late 1980s. This legendary strain is said to have been created by Sam The Skunkman himself, a well-known cannabis breeder who now works in the pharmaceutical industry.

Plants in the Cheese family are complexly nuanced strains that, as the name suggests, have cheese-like aromas. The CBD version of this legendary plant can be found in our catalogue under the name Royal Cheese.

What are the most popular CBD-rich indicas?

When it comes to indicas, one of the most popular is California Orange, a strain developed during the 1970s. This strain stands out for its citrus aroma and orange pistils. Of course, the CBD version of this strain can also be found in our catalogue, under the name of Cali Orange CBD.

Another popular indica strain is OG Kush, a 90’s variety that captivated American stoners at the turn of the century and is still very popular today. Kush family plants have their genetic roots in the strains originating from the Hindu Kush mountain range between Afghanistan and Pakistan. The CBD version of this legendary plant can also be found in our catalogue: the OG Kush CBD.

Finally, one of the most popular strains in recent years is Zkittlez. In 2015 it won first place at the San Francisco and Michigan Cannabis Cups, as well as first place at the Emerald Cup Help in 2016. The CBD version of this modern indica can also be found in our catalogue: Zkittlez CBD.

Although there are thousands of sativa and indica strains, these are some of the most outstanding for their quality and amazing aromas.

Finally, we at The Tree CBD would like to remind you that CBD flowers are considered a collector’s item in Spain, so any use other than for this purpose is a misuse of the product.

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