The Tree CBD will participate in the Silver Cup CBD

Different brands compete in the Silver Cup CBD, a friendly competition to choose the best CBD flowers on the market today; including The Tree CBD. The jury made up of 6 experts from the cannabis world, Mr and Mrs Skittles, Oxmo Puccino, Javier from Resin Seeds, Safier from DNA Genetics and Noman Hsni, will carry out an exhaustive tasting of different products. They will be in charge of choosing the winner of this first competition that will take place at the Green Club of Barcelona, ​​on March 16 at 9:00 p.m.


The date chosen for the event is not fortuitous, in Barcelona. During those days, ser will breathe a different atmosphere as it receives thousands of supporters from the cannabis world at the largest cannabis fair in Europe: Spannabis. So, after a full day digging even more into the world of marijuana, discovering new products. You can also do the odd tasting. The Silver Cup CBD awaits you to end your day in the best way and in the best of company. Remember that you can only attend by invitation. If you want to witness this close competition, send a private message to the Instagram account @silvercupbcn. The Tree CBD awaits you alongside French Farm and News Weed.

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