Hemp rolling paper with filters

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Extra thin slow burning rolling paper. The Tree CBD booklet includes 32 King size slim papers and 32 cardboard filters. Ideal for CBD flowers and CBD hash from The Tree CBD.


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This 32-sheet booklet includes 32 cardboard filters and 32 thin, ultra-thin, King Size rolling papers with gum arabic glue. A perfect accessory for your CBD flowers and your CBD hashish.

The Tree CBD papers are all-natural rolling papers made from unrefined flax and rice fibers, unchlorinated and unbleached. This gives them a light brown-copper color. Due to this hybrid mixture of unbleached fibers, we obtain an ultra-thin, practically translucent paper.

The Tree CBD King Size format is designed to carry everything you need in a single booklet. Your King Size papers + tips or nozzles.

The Tree CBD papers are marked to aid combustion and leave a more uniform laminated paper. For its paste, natural hemp gum is used, an ingredient for this product that gives consistency and reinforces The Tree CBD’s commitment and love for hemp products.

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