Silicone Ashtray by The Tree CBD

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Silicone ashtray in the shape of a classic ashtray, unbreakable, in different designs.


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The Tree CBD brings you this unbreakable silicone ashtray, of different designs, and in the shape of a classic ashtray. This ashtray, being unbreakable, ensures you have an ashtray until you get tired of it and want a new one.

Silicone ashtray, so it is unbreakable if you drop it on the floor.

It has 4 indentations on the edges to support your rolled cigarettes or your CBD pre-rolls

Features of The Tree CBD Silicone Ashtray:

  • Diameter: 8cm.
  • Height: 2.5cm.
  • Material: premium silicone.
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