Differences between pod and vape, Which one should you choose?

In the fast-paced world of CBD products, the variety of options can be overwhelming for users. Two terms that are often intertwined in conversations about this cannabinoid are pod and vape.

Both offer the possibility to enjoy cannabidiol without combustion, but their differences are key to finding the option that best suits the needs of each consumer.

In this article, we will explore the distinctive features of pods and vapes in depth, unravelling their peculiarities to help you make an informed decision. We will go over the aspects to consider when choosing between these two popular methods, as well as the essential features of each.


What is a vape or vaporiser?

In the context of the wider world of CBD products, a vaporiser, also known as a vape, is a device designed to heat dried plant matter or resin to a temperature that releases cannabinoids and terpenes without combustion.

Unlike e-cigarettes and pods that use CBD-containing liquids, these vaporisers are designed to work with cannabis buds or resin, heating them to the point where the CBD becomes vapour.

This type of device usually has the following main components:

  1. Heating chamber or bowl: this is the space where the dried herb or resin is placed and can be made of ceramic, stainless steel or other materials that conduct heat efficiently.
  2. Battery: provides the energy needed to heat the heating chamber to the desired temperature.
  3. Mouthpiece: serves to inhale the vapour generated as a result of heating the plant matter or resin.

To use a vaporiser, the CBD buds or resin should be placed in the heating chamber or bowl when it is not hot to avoid possible burns. Subsequently, the temperature should be adjusted by selecting the most convenient one, according to each person’s tastes.

This temperature should be high enough to release the active compounds of the dried herb or resin in the form of vapour, but not so high as to produce combustion. Generally, it should be between 180 and 200 °C.

There are two main types of vapes, portable vapes, which are compact and designed to be easily transported, and tabletop vapes, which are larger and more powerful, ideal for use at home.

These devices, by extracting the active compounds from CBD flowers or resin, such as terpenes and cannabinoids, without the need for combustion, do not produce the toxins and harmful by-products that are generated by smoking.

However, we must remember that the consumption of cannabis flowers with CBD or resin with CBD is not legally contemplated in our country, as these are a collector’s item. Any use other than the latter constitutes an improper use of the product.

What is a disposable pod or vape?

Pods, also known as disposable vapes, are electronic devices designed to heat liquids, turn them into vapour and allow users to inhale it.

When it comes to CBD products, pods have gained popularity as a quick and efficient way to consume CBD. Their success is possibly due to their operation, which is very simple and can be learned in a matter of seconds.

To use a disposable pod or vape, simply place the mouthpiece to the lips and inhale. When a user inhales, the pod detects this aspiration and activates the heating coil. This, in turn, heats the CBD liquid, generating the vapour that is then inhaled. The speed and temperature of inhalation can affect the amount of vapour produced.

This type of device, unlike traditional e-cigarettes, does not need to be recharged because the battery usually lasts until the liquid runs out. However, if necessary, The Tree CBD pods can be recharged, as they are equipped with a micro USB charger.

There is also no need to refill it with any kind of liquid because it already contains its own. This, unlike traditional e-liquids, has a concentration of 50-90% CBD. Therefore, pods allow you to achieve the same effect as CBD e-liquids with fewer puffs.

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