Education will set us free! Cannabis education in Barcelona

Europe’s first CBD community is growing by leaps and bounds. In order to professionalize itself, the former Yes We (ed) Can will become Herb & Co. They are the first cannabis and hemp consultancy whose mission is to provide clear and concise information in this industry. Cannabis education, so necessary and difficult to find. Is spreading to satisfy the need for knowledge of free thinkers who know that the best weapon to combat ignorance is education, and only education can make us free.

One more week, we have talked and debated about what CBD is, how it is used and we have heard countless useful tips for users. Not only have we been steeped in knowledge throughout the event; but an atmosphere and energy has been created that unconsciously has made attendees stay until the end to connect with the Barcelona cannabis community. And, of course, enjoy a fantastic tasting of The Tree CBD products.

Who spoke during the conference?

Our colleague Clara, a great passionate about CBD and with a huge experience in the cannabis industry. She has shared her knowledge about this component, informing about how to use CBD. Also, the importance of knowing, observing and listening to our body when we consume it .

We also had an interesting talk by Abdel Morched, an expert in the cultivation of medical marijuana in California, about the importance of marketing in the world of cannabis, a world in full expansion in which there is still much to do.

Where did the cannabis education talk take place?

The place chosen for this event could not be other than the Smoke Signals club who have been unparalleled hosts. Apart from giving us their wonderful space, they have welcomed us with drinks, nachos and candies. Thanks to their kindness and hospitality, they have made this event a great moment, a moment to remember. Without any doubt, and if they let us, we will repeat (emoji with tongue out). We invite you to pay them a visit, they open their doors for all kinds of events and they will make you feel at home, we are sure you will love it.

The Herb & Co community is completely in love with CBD, for this reason, the next meeting will be held in Greenardó on February 14, with a title more than infatuated: ” Canna’be your Valentine ”. In this event, in which we will talk about the benefits of cannabis in sex, we will have the presence of colleagues from Naturel Desir and Dolce Vita. In addition, Tori Bcn will give a massage workshop with cannabis oil, being himself a pioneer in this matter in Barcelona. And now you ask “Have I heard sex?” Indeed. We will talk about sex (winked emoji).

Join this community in which all cannabis enthusiasts are welcome and in which you can express yourself and transmit all the doubts you have about this wonderful plant.

Nature is wise and provides us with everything we need to enjoy full health and well-being, The Tree CBD is only responsible for bringing these benefits to you in the form of flowers and oil. Health and wellness at your fingertips with The Tree CBD.

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