On November 9, we celebrated the first meeting of Yes We (ed) Can. In order to make the CBD Community bigger. A meeting monthly aimed at both true CBD enthusiasts and everyone those entrepreneurs in this industry that is growing by leaps and bounds.

The theme that was discussed on this occasion was: “Discover CBD: the secret component of cannabis that is taking the world by storm. “An interesting talk in which our colleague Clara, a great connoisseur of CBD, its benefits and properties, presented a totally innovative vision on this substance and listed brilliant ideas on how to use it in a different way. She also shared a comprehensive study on the development opportunities behind this wonderful component of cannabis. We were also fortunate to have the presence of Rafa Fernández De Noreña, from Sensitive CBD, who led a question and answer session on CBD, cannabis, legislation and many other points related to this CBD community.


In order to expand the knowledge and information about CBD, as well as to start an education process about this component that hides multiple benefits for our health and well-being, Yes We (ed) Can presents itself as the first community of CBD, at the European level, which aims to eliminate all the stigmas surrounding the world of cannabis, adding clarity to the confusing information produced by the media communication and create a space for dialogue in which all members of this community can freely express and contribute their ideas.

In the month of December the second meeting of this community will be held to which all the world is welcome and that marks the beginning of a new era for CBD, the component non-psychoactive hemp that is already improving the quality of life of many people and that inevitably makes its way into the world of health and well-being, a world in which that The Tree CBD has a lot to contribute.

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