Everything you need to know about CBD flowers

With the worldwide increase in the popularity of CBD or cannabidiol – a natural compound found in both marijuana and hemp plants, and that does not produce a psychoactive effect – people turn to the most natural source: CBD flowers.

What are the CBD flowers?

Hemp is a cannabis strain that is grown for industrial purposes. To be legal, hemp must have less than 0.2% THC in Europe. Due to its low THC levels, with hemp you will not feel psychoactive effects.

To meet the growing demand for CBD products, farmers have been growing plants that comply with THC content regulations, while increasing the CBD content.

This has resulted in 100% legal hemp flowers that look, smell and taste very similar to regular cannabis high in THC.

How to use the CBD flowers?

  1. Vaporize CBD flowers

Vaporization is an effective method to consume this type of flowers. Since it is not about combustion, it is generally considered much safer than smoking.

When CBD is vaporized – as well as other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids – it is absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the lungs and reaches the brain almost immediately, with noticeable effects after about a minute.

  1. Smoke this flowers

CBD flowers can also be smoked (rolled up like a cigarette) or in a water pipe or bong. Since smoking CBD flowers implies combustion, it is considered less healthy than vaping or eating. However, it remains an effective way to administer CBD since, as with vaping, absorption is fast and efficient.

  1. Cook with flowers

Hemp flowers can be an excellent cooking ingredient and can be added to a variety of recipes. Many people also like to make their own oil-based CBD extractions with hemp flowers, before using that extraction in their kitchen or baking.

Determine the dose of the flower

Each person has an ideal dose of CBD. Each variety will affect everyone differently. Since CBD buds have different proportions of CBD to THC, consumers can try many to determine which type of flower suits them best.

It is best to start with low doses of flowers with a high CBD content. A low dose may be one or two inhalations in the form of a cigarette or a vaporizer. It is not an exact science, the slower you go, the better you can determine your tolerance to CBD.

Due to the sharp increase in their popularity, these flowers, with a high CBD content, are currently difficult to find. Still, we have managed to find the best flowers already available for our customers here. Some of the most popular and most sought after flowers on our website are those classified as CBD Cali Weed which, with a special trim, the flowers take on a rock-like appearance, with a round and bushy appearance. (https://thetreecbd.com/en/shop/)

Do you have any questions about cannabis flowers? Ask the experts at The Tree CBD here(https://thetreecbd.com/en/cbd-wholesale)

And you, how do you use cannabis flowers? Leave us your comments!

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