CBD infused Honey

CBD infused Honey


Quick description:

Combining our high quality and full spectrum CBD hemp extract with natural rosemary honey we can bring you this natural honey with relaxing effect.

Each teaspoon of honey contains CBD for a total of 300 mg of CBD per 140 grams of Honey.


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Description :

Honey and cannabidiol (CBD), is the perfect recipe to give you a balanced mood and a clear mind.
It provides energy in the morning and helps relax with a hot drink at night.

Recommendation for use: One or two tablespoons per day. To get the best effect, a regular and daily dose is recommended.
Warning: In hot drinks wait about 5 minutes until the temperature drops. High temperatures can reduce the effect of cannabidiol.


Concentration de CBD 300 mg.
Net Weight 140 gr.
How to take it 2-3 tablespoons a day
At night it helps to relax

Important: The use of these products is for external use.

Read our Legal Notice if you have any questions about the current legislation.


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