Without a doubt, the smell of cannabis is one of its most characteristic and recognizable features. But can unscented buds be of good quality? Should we let ourselves be carried away by the aroma? We are going to try to clarify this doubt taking into account that cannabis is a plant that never ceases to amaze us and, each variety, is a world in itself.


As we have already commented on several occasions, one of the most important points to differentiate between a quality flower and a poor quality flower is the smell. When you open the jar or the bag, you will immediately recognize that particular pungent aroma so unique to cannabis and that always transports us to pleasant moments. On the other hand, when you open the container and you find unscented buds. We might suspect that, perhaps the flowers are a bit old, have not been preserved well or that they are not of the expected quality. We will clarify this last point in the next section, since there are some high-quality varieties whose smell is somewhat milder but, on the other hand, their flavor is exceptional.


High-quality CBD flowers, most of the time, are characterized by an intense fragrance, a distinctive, captivating aroma and should stand out from any other smell. A strong and rich aroma is the biggest indicator of a high terpene content. Terpenes are produced by a wide variety of plants and are the primary components of resins and essential oils. The combination of certain terpenes is what produces a particular aroma (floral, citrus, fruity …). The pungency of CBD flowers is also directly related to their potency. Therefore, in front of odorless buds, it is possible to be suspicious, but not to make a final value judgment until we have also assessed their flavor and effect.


There are some very popular and considered quality varieties whose aroma is more subtle. These varieties are very popular with those who opt for self-cultivation but do not want to arouse suspicion among their neighbors. We are talking about varieties such as White Rhino or Blue Mystic; both very popular strains among fans but, nevertheless, characterized by a mild and discreet smell. And although they present buds without a strong odor, their presence and flavor never disappoint.

Another variety, this time rich in cbd, that presents a soft but pleasant citrus scent would be our Lemon CBD. The aroma of this variety may not surprise you but, without a doubt, the surprise will come with its unmistakable and appetizing flavor. Its discreet smell is only for your experience to go in crescendo.


It is important to bear in mind that a bud can smell little or a lot but its smell must always be that familiar aroma that we have talked about previously. We can find buds without exaggerated odor, and as we have commented previously, in that case, we will go on to assess its flavor and its effect but, if the aroma of the bud is unfamiliar and slightly reminds us of hay or, we could say, ‘ ‘to farm’, then, definitely, we do not have a quality flower in our hands.

Although there are already companies that claim to be working on a new variety that will present unscented buds, we cannot fail to mention that part of the charm of this magical plant is in its personal, unmistakable smell that adorns many of our memories. Without such a scent, some of the charm will undoubtedly be lost.

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, you already know that The Tree CBD team will be happy to assist you.

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