CBD e-liquid 6 %

CBD e-liquid 6 %

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This CBD e-Liquid has a pleasant, light and sweet flavor combined with a soft aftertaste to earth.

Each bottle of The Tree CBD e-Liquid contains 10 ml with a concentration of 6% CBD. In total, each can contains 600 mg of CBD.

The CBD e-Liquid contains: water, propylene glycol infusion, vegetable glycerin and CBD of cannabis sativa L. This e-Liquid is free of nicotine and THC.


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Description :

CBD e-liquid 6 %


At The Tree CBD we have created the CBD e-liquid 6 % to be used with any electronic cigarette. Its hemp taste and aroma is 100% authentic and original.

Each bottle of The Tree CBD e-Liquid contains 10 ml with a concentration of 6% CBD. In total, each bottle contains 300 mg of CBD.

As in our entire product range, our commitment to create the best CBD products brings you this excellent e-liquid of a 6% concentration of CBD.

To ensure the quality of our offer, we certify in independent laboratories the concentration of CBD and the composition of each batch.

CBD is a compound found and extracted from specific strains of hemp. Contrary to THC, it has no psychoactive or hallucinogenic effects.


How to use The Tree CBD e-Liquid 6 %:

Follow the instructions below for The Tree CBD e-Liquid.

  • Insert the e-liquid into the rechargeable vape tank.
  • After vaping, wait 2 to 10 minutes to feel the effects.
  • Do not repeat the dose until 20 minutes have passed.

The characteristics and ingredients of The Tree CBD e-liquid 6 %:

  • 10ml bottle
  • CBD certified concentration in a 10 ml bottle
  • Guaranteed without THC and without nicotine.
  • No alcohol, no animal extracts.
  • Original flavor
  • Propylene glycol and CBD isolated from (Cannabis sativa L)
  • CBD per 10 ml bottle: 600 mg


Precautions of use

You must be of legal age to use this product. Keep tightly closed and away from direct sunlight.

Does not contain THC

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