CBD Third Anniversary Pack

CBD Third Anniversary Pack

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CBD Third Anniversary Pack of The Tree CBD contains:

2 craft beers scented with our Green Cure

1 bag of Zkittlez CBD flowers (2 gr)

1 bag of Lemon CBD flowers (2 gr)

1 bag of Amnesia CBD flowers (2 gr)

1 grinder

1 pack of papers

1 lighter

1 tote bag



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393 in stock

Description :

CBD Third Anniversary Pack

The Tree CBD turns 3 years old and we want to celebrate it in style! That is why we launched the CBD Third Anniversary Pack. It is about 500 exclusive packs so that you can join our celebration.

The pack includes everything you need to refresh and enjoy our best CBD products. And how could it be less, being our anniversary, we launched an exclusive Green Cure beer. Don’t miss out on our most special pack of the year!


What does the CBD Third Anniversary Pack include?


The Third Anniversary CBD Pack includes two Green Cure beers, The Tree CBD merchandising, a totem bag with our brand’s logo and finally, of course, three of our top indoor flower varieties.

CBD scented beer? Yes, you read it right. The Tree CBD, in collaboration with the Rec Brew craft produceers, brings you Green Cure beer Beer, created with our Green Cure CBD. A DDH NEW England Pale 5.5 beer with scented hints of CBD and loaded with Citra, Centennial and Chinook. In fact, we have brewed a DDH beer which the acronym represents the next great innovation in pale ales. They are short for Double Dry Hopped, which denotes a process that supercharges the flavor of hops in some of the most sought after craft beers in the world. So, don’t miss out!

The pack is also accompanied by The Tree CBD merchandising such as a grinder, paper and a lighter so that you do not miss anything when it comes to enjoying our CBD.
As if that were not enough, we also offer you a totem bag with our logo so that you can take us anywhere with you.

How could you not miss it, we also include three of our top indoor varieties. The jewels that we bring you are the Amnesia, Zkittlez and Lemon Tree, three different varieties adjusted to the tastes of each one.

  • Amnesia is a flower that offers citrus, fruity and aromatic flavors with high levels of CBD, between 21% and 23%.
  • Zkittlez is one of the varieties with the highest levels of CBD, up to 27% CBD, which emits a sweet and tropical mixture of fruit-like aroma.
  • Lemon Tree: We have also thought about citrus lovers because, in the pack, we include this flower with a citrus aroma with a mixture between acidic lemon and sweet lemon. In addition, its CBD levels range between 14 and 16% CBD.

On the other hand, it should be remembered that all our products are grown indoors in a 100% natural way, without using additives or pesticides of any kind. In addition, they contain less than 0.2% THC, so they are legal throughout Europe and do not cause psychoactive effects of any kind.

So don’t miss out on this unique and exclusive pack that The Tree CBD brings you on the occasion of our third anniversary. Get one of the 500 packs we offer and celebrate CBD with us!


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