CBD for topical use

Topical use of CBD is one of the most popular uses. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, it can help treat muscle and joint pain when used in this way. It also has great antioxidant potential, making it ideal for helping to care for and protect the skin.

Topical use of CBD

The topical use of CBD is one of the most popular, in addition to being the only one legally permitted in Europe. CBD has multiple properties that means that administering it in this way offers great results. For this reason, it’s used both in creams for the treatment of pain and inflammation, as well as in cosmetic skin care products.

Applying CBD topically can help treat pain and inflammation

One of CBD’s most remarkable properties is its anti-inflammatory and analgesic capabilities. While it has been known for thousands of years that cannabis has these properties, it has now become clear that this is largely thanks to CBD.   For this reason, this cannabinoid is used to make creams against pain and inflammation, as it can help you recover from injuries more quickly thanks to the aforementioned properties. CBD can help to reduce inflammation in muscles and joints after a long session of sporting activity. It can also help to regulate pain. For this reason, there are sports balms that contain CBD as a main ingredient.
Topical application of CBD in skincare

Topical application of CBD in cosmetics and skincare

Apart from the analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties described previously, CBD also has many beneficial cosmetic properties. It’s a compound with a high antioxidant capacity that also has the ability to help regulate lipid production and has antibacterial properties.   Two of the most valued benefits of CBD in cosmetics are its antibacterial and lipid-regulating properties. In combination, they can help to effectively combat acne, as this compound is perfect for cleansing your skin. This is because it can help regulate sebum production and fight bacteria, preventing the appearance of infections, blackheads, and pimples.   In addition, thanks to the anti-inflammatory and analgesic abilities explained above, it can help soothe skin inflammation and irritation. This makes it ideal for the care and repair of damaged and/or sensitive skin, and can help reduce possible discomfort and irritation.    CBD is also a strong antioxidant, which is another reason why it’s also highly valued in cosmetics. It has the ability to delay and hinder the activity of free radicals², which can help prevent and slow down skin ageing.   All these properties are ideal to help protect the skin against external aggressions. This is why CBD is the main ingredient in The Tree CBD sunscreen and aftersun. In addition, cosmetic products with CBD also often incorporate other natural ingredients, such as hemp seed oil. This deeply moisturises the skin without making it greasy while being rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6. Combined with CBD they make excellent cosmetic products, such as our lip balm with CBD, which helps to keep lips protected from external aggressions.

Types of CBD products for topical use

There are mainly two types of products that allow CBD to be used topically, CBD oil and creams or CBD cosmetics.   CBD oil is a hemp derivative that usually consists of only two natural ingredients, a plant-based oil and CBD. At The Tree CBD, you can find both hemp seed oil and coconut MCT oil, both enriched with CBD.   Both can be applied to the skin in order to obtain the benefits explained above, as they’re highly effective.    Although CBD oils are perfectly suitable for topical use and are highly effective, they’re often quite expensive taking into account the amount needed for this application method. For this reason, many users prefer to opt for CBD-based creams or cosmetics, which often also contain hemp seed oil and other natural ingredients.   Creams containing CBD as a main ingredient are an excellent choice for topical CBD use. They’re often cheaper than CBD oils for this route of administration, while retaining the full effectiveness of CBD.   In addition, another advantage of CBD cosmetics over CBD oil is that you don’t have to calculate the concentration of CBD or the dosage to be applied. They already have the right CBD levels for topical application.

How to apply topical CBD correctly

Lastly, when it comes to applying them, both CBD oil and creams containing CBD are used in the same way. Simply apply a small amount to clean skin and rub it in until the product is fully absorbed.   As for how often you should apply it, this depends on the intended use. If your goal is to help treat some kind of muscle or joint pain, apply the CBD oil or cream two to three times a day.   If you’re using it for its cosmetic properties, simply incorporate it into your daily facial care routine. When it comes to lip balms, you can use them as often as necessary to keep our lips moisturised.


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Frequently asked questions on the topical use of CBD

Frequently asked questions on the topical use of CBD

The properties of CBD mean that it can be applied to all skin types, as it has multiple cosmetic benefits.   For one thing, both CBD creams and CBD oil have moisturising properties, making them ideal for dry skin. As CBD is also soothing, it will help soothe dry, irritated skin.   Also, CBD can help control the production of lipids, such as sebum in the skin, so it’s also very helpful for oily or combination skin. In addition, its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties can help to combat the appearance of acne.
Incorporating CBD cosmetics into our daily facial routine isn’t only safe, but it also has many benefits.   For people with oily or combination skin, it can help regulate the skin’s sebum production, helping to bring it into balance. People with dry skin, meanwhile, can benefit from its moisturising properties.   In addition, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, which are ideal to help soothe damaged or sensitive skin.
Topical use of CBD has multiple benefits. For one thing, it can help soothe muscle or joint pain and inflammation. For this reason, many athletes use CBD creams to recover after intense physical activity. Furthermore, this cannabinoid also has multiple cosmetic benefits. It has moisturising, antioxidant, and sebostatic properties. As a result, it moisturises the skin, prevents ageing, and helps prevent skin from becoming oily.
Topical CBD is ideal for caring for and safeguarding our skin thanks to its cosmetic properties. For this reason it’s ideal for protecting our skin from the sun, and is the main ingredient in our sunscreen. CBD’s soothing and anti-inflammatory effect also makes it an ideal compound for the recovery and relief of sore skin after prolonged exposure to the sun. This is because it soothes and moisturises the skin, helping to maintain your tan for longer. This is why it’s the main ingredient in our aftersun.
The time it takes for topical CBD to take effect varies depending on what it’s being used for.   If you’re using topical CBD to help relieve muscle or joint pain, you should notice its effects relatively quickly. Typically within 15-20 minutes, although this also depends on the intensity of the pain.   However, if you use CBD creams or CBD oil for their cosmetic properties, the effects may take two to three weeks to become noticeable, except for the soothing effect, which is almost immediate.  

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